Friday, July 20, 2012

DIY: Chalkboard Coasters

Soo, I actually finished these eons ago. Like January, whoops. :)

this is a tutorial for DIY Chalkboard Coasters.

I found a similar one on Craftgawker this site is like one of my most favorites,  I can spend hours on there, I even have their app on my Ipod :S Seriously so many great crafting ideas, they have sister sites too like Foodgawker which is THE BEST SITE EVAR for recipes. Seriously, peoples blogs about food they've made or crafts they have created! Sounds delish.

So, I made these for my best friend Clare! I thought it was an adorable idea for a birthday present. I almost wanted to steal them; (note to self: dulcie, you already have atleast one coaster on ever surface in your room...grand total: four AKA you DON'T need more). 

Errr, uhh, sorry for all the pointless input. Ima get to the real stuff now :P

This is a super cute, fun idea to spice up some coasters!

Stuff you will need:
4 - 4x4 Tiles (can be purchased at lowes, or home depot)
2 - Black sheets of felt
Hot glue or Super glue
Chalkboard Paint (can be purchased at lowes, or home depot)
A space in the garage or basement to paint and something to cover the floor

Step One: When you have found where you are going to paint, lay down a flatten box or an old towel to cover the ground. Lay the tiles out and spray each with an even coat.

Step Two: Let dry (for however long it says on the paint), do another coat then leave to dry overnight. It will look like (below). 

When it has dried completely. Now time to add the felt backing.

Step Three: Cut the pieces of felt to match the backing of each tile, you can really use any color I just thought black was more classy. Now it's time for the hot glue, lay a line of glue and then press the felt on it. Continue with the other sides and it will look like this.

and when it is finished it should look like this! All you need is some chalk and you're set!

hope you enjoy and make some yourself!

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